Holy heaven, homemade Vanilla Extract....could there be a more perfect recipe for the last day of January? (Que--Chandler Bing).  Seriously though, the get in shape it's all about the cleanse, the gym and strict eating will soon go back to normal (moderation) and people will begin baking again just in time to foray into spring.  Having homemade vanilla extra in the cupboard to compliment multiple recipes is utter perfection.  This wonderful concoction is from Call Me Cupcake and must be shared-- be sure to pass along.  Your fellow pastry chefs will be delighted.

| ingredients |
250 ml vodka or dark rum
3 vanilla beans
| directions |
slice the beans open, lengthwise
but leave the ends connected
put the pods in a clean bottle or jar
cover with vodka or rum
tightly close the lid
and give a good shake
store the bottle in a cool place
for a few months
shake every now and again
the extract will darken over time
and will last for months
you can fill the bottle
with vodka or rum
and vanilla beans
as you use it
| enjoy |
as a great enhancer to flavor for anything chocolate....cakeschocolate bark or ganache
*recipe via


Danielle said...

my neighbor gave us this for christmas! so awesome.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

What a wonderful gift! I may have to do that too!


Christine said...

This is amazing, Jamy. Now, if only I could bake. p.s.love your site.beautiful.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you Christine...making little changes here and there. Hope you are wonderful. Always lovely to hear from you.


Lo said...

This is way simpler than expected. Must try it.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

I know..I think I may do as Danielle's neighbors did (above) and begin making and giving as gifts.

p.s. love the valentine wish list today. i think i may have to have the two-tone ring. perfect!