Confession.  Every now and again I wonder what it would be like to have short hair.  My hair has been long since I was five years old and I had a final say if not a downright tantrum in the "no more bowl" cut look.  Today, I have a few friends that wear it so well--including my stylist at Salon Del Mar--that sometimes I want to just go for it.

shoulder | sultryside swept | sweet

Of course, this may all just be big talk...but thinking about how much less time it would take to blow dry and how cute it might look, maybe someday it'll happen.  What about you?  Did you ever get drastic and go from short to long?  Or was it is a gradual thing---I'd love to know. 

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Anonymous said...

I did the drastic cut a year and a half ago and though in hindsight the pics were cute - the upkeep was WAY more than I had anticipated. Now I'm lusting after long hair and can't wait until it grows all the way back. My suggestion: do it in stages ;)

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Good to know! I often wondered about the upkeep :)
Thanks for stopping by Fourth Street--and for the advice!