I don't believe I've been this excited about a mineral cosmetic and body care line in quite some time.  Angelberry Organics is everything you will ever need to naturally enhance your personal beauty and feel wonderful while doing so.  This brand is inspired by the "deliciousness of life and gratitude for each day" and thoroughly believes that every person should be empowered to live a clean, healthy and balanced life.  To care for yourself, for your skin and to celebrate being you.  

All products are formulated using the highest quality natural ingredients, they are not tested on animals and they are 100% free from all synthetic chemicals, paraben preservatives, dyes and bismuth oxychloride.  The eco-lover in me jumps for joy at this and the product developer in me believes it's an absolute genius marriage made in beauty heaven. 
That's not the only thing I love the about Angelberry Organics.  While the brand is absolutely breathtaking, the photography and style are a wondrous throw back to a time when women celebrated beauty, femininity and the allure of color---and felt damn sexy while doing so.  

See below to find out more about the tremendously talented women behind AO.

   creative powerhouse, visionary
makeup artistry, product formulator, natural sourcing specialist, model
loves photography and traveling the world

mastermind behind the scenes
business operations, web design, social media guru
loves old hollywood style

*images via angelberry organics