Confession.  I eat lunch alone a lot.  Because of this I'm always on the lookout for simple yet healthy things to throw together that don't require a microwave or a ton of ingredients.  When salads get boring or I can't take another packaged sandwich from Whole Foods, I've been turning to this yummy recipe from the Melting Pot (originally discovered on Ana Degenaar's foodie board).  It's not only loaded with flavor---there is something surreal about it that makes me feel like I stopped in a little cafe in Provence for a fresh and decadent bite to eat.  I'm most certain you'll feel the same.  Enjoy.

| ingredients | 
two slices of bread
extra virgin olive oil
handful of baby tomatoes
one avocado 
feta cheese
garlic clove
hard boiled egg
red pepper flakes
ground pepper
dash of rosemary
lemon zest
| directions | 
sprinkle two pieces of  bread
with extra virgin olive oil
broil for a few minutes

peel one garlic clove
and rub generously 
over the hot toast

add parsley, chopped tomatoes
feta cheese,  hard boiled egg
mix together well

finely slice avocado
add zest of lemon
a dash of rosemary
red pepper flakes 
and fresh ground pepper
sprinkle with a little more  olive oil

| enjoy | 
with iced lemon water, a few greek olives and some good blog reading

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