Confession.  I've never stayed in a hostel when traveling abroad but secretly I have always been curious as to what the experience would be like.  I imagine you would meet people that are on the same journey as you are but just so happened upon the same place you did and are in need of a rest, a good meal, a warm bed.  There would be intriguing conversation through the night--discussing everything from nationalities to politics to religion to where your country stands in the World Cup rankings.  I am most certain the standard hostel is not like The Independente Hostel & Suites  in Lisbon, Portugal but I do think that if they were, hostels would be more enticing to seek out.  The Independente is the brainchild of three brothers who are "rogue travelers" themselves and whose vision encompassed the comfort of a regular hotel but with a the goal of continuing the "multi-cultural story telling exchange" alive in most hostels.  I must say, if I were making my way through the EU for the first time, I would definitely put this one on high on the list of places to visit.  

"Life is very often defined by those who surround us as well as where we go."


A Refinaria said...

your image of a Hostel stay is exactly my experience and I've been so a few.
About the Independent it is special hostel but it is AMAZING. Specially because Lisbon people also go there for dinner or just a drink so the experience is just perfect. You should hop on a plain and just come to Lisbon, you would love it!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Fourth Street and for commenting on the post. I fell in love with the Independente the moment I saw it. I seems so magical and unique. WIth hopes to visit Lisbon next summer we will definitely stop and stay. I will keep you posted :)

Gertrude from teapot.gr said...

Simply incredible!Now I have one more reason to visit Lisbon!If only hostels could be like this one!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were like the Independte? I would have definitely thought a little more about staying in them throughout my travels. I love it!