Found.  The most delicious artisan Italian gelato you will ever taste on this side of the pond.  Emiko of  Emiko Davies wrote about this recipe back in April and I've just gotten around to trying it.  It is to die for.  Not only does it have a perfect mix of silky texture and milky richness, the sweetness of this recipe comes from reading through Emiko's tour of must try gelateria's in Florence. There's something special about enjoying this simple desert while thinking of walking down Via Delle Oche near the Duomo or visiting Vestri in Piazza Salvemini that makes it taste so much better.  Plus it's super easy to make! Enjoy. 

fior di latte with rosemary

| ingredients | 
500 ml whole milk
250 ml cream
150 gr sugar
2 sprigs of rosemary, whole

| directions | 
combine milk and sugar together
in a saucepan and heat gently 
with rosemary
watch the mixture carefully 
ensure it does not boil but softly bubbles
around the edges of the pan
remove the pan from heat
cover and allow to cool to  
room temperature
add cream then remove rosemary 
and strain
diligently mix to achieve
silky texture
set in ice box

| enjoy | 
preferably after the first day of school with your children, nieces or nephews
laughing and listening to the musings of the day.