This is the story of mine.

Tomorrow is my best friends birthday and due to work commitments, I can't be with her this year to celebrate (she lives in Seattle with her husband and baby son).  You see, we've always been close.  Not just typical best friend--I won't ask any questions close--proximity close as well.  When we were in grade school, I could see her house from my bedroom window.  In high school we took as many classes together as were possibly allowed and played on all of the same sports teams with each other.  So much so that to this day we could argue about who is the better clutch shot and who really should have received an A, not a B in sociology.  We were also roommates in college, saw each other through two very opposite majors, endless all nighters and the reality of graduation.  We moved to the same city to pursue "those big city dreams" begin new careers...and you guessed it, we were roommates through that too.

We've explored eight countries together, ran needlessly to catch flights, trains, taxis, buses and any other type of transportation you can think of.  Including an overnight cargo ferry that went from Patras to Brindisi.  If it could get us to from point A to B, we were gonna catch it.    We went to the summer Olympics in Athens and the winter Olympics in Turin and contemplated endlessly which one we liked better.  Summer if you ask her, winter if you ask me.  She was there to support me when my parents passed, when I turned the big three-oh, when I adopted Jersey and when I met my husband.  Yes, she's been there for it all.  That's why today I'm really sad that B and I are not hopping on a plane to celebrate with her and her wonderful family.   We always celebrated our birthday's together.  Champagne, the cheesy happy birthday sign and party hats.  It was our thing.

As I write this, it seems a little unfair that our lives have moved us to different parts of the country when we have always been a hop, skip and a jump away.  But looking back over the years I am truly grateful for ALL the times we were together...and today (or tomorrow) we will just have to be close in spirit.

Happy Birthday, Malaka.  I love you.
You are true definition of a best friend (que above image).

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