happy weekend

Well, hello London.  You're on.  There's nothing more wonderful than the beginning of the Olympic games and London is the perfect stage.  The energy, the unity, the belief in country, it all starts tonight.  Having been blessed to attend past venues, I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything else in the world.  I always tell people, if you ever want to feel like the world is working together and humanity is strong...go to the Olympics.  It will restore your faith.  

If you are fortunate enough to attend any of the events in London or plan on watching from afar, I hope your country does awesome. Over on this side of the pond, The B's will be rooting for Team USA---all the way.


Ms. Cathy said...

Just so you know, your blog layout is just adorable. Found you through Ana's Blog Milk!! Keep up the fantastic work :)

Cathy Trails

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Awe, thank you so much Cathy. You are so kind. I am so grateful to have worked with Ana. I just adore Blogmilk. I love your blog--so positive! And Arizona is very close to my heart so it was lovely to see a photo of the beautiful sky :) Will be checking often..