c'est la vie - a memoir of culture and love

Do you want to follow a modern day love story that has you dreaming of far off lands and blissful moments?  If so, be sure to bookmark this is life and check in on Robyn and Andrew from time to time.  A personal narrative on love and travel, Robyn takes you from quaint Paris cafes to the eclectic Barcelona scene and across the pond to the striking yet uber romantic Vancouver skyline. 

| robyn | 
she is an artist, a photographer, a curator of beauty. she studied an arts degree in literature. she is most profoundly herself when travelling the world, when practicing yoga, when rocking newborn babies to sleep. she is sophisticated, she is feminine, she is sensitive, she reflects deeply. she composes the prose and captures the photographs that fill this space. she breathes in the intensity of each moment, inspired.

| andrew |
he is the husband, the lover, the other part of her soul. he is the vice president of engineering for an up-and-coming enterprise. he adores italian espresso, bordeaux wines and foreign films. he scales mountains, he reads economics. he is cultured, he is intelligent, he is relaxed, he is sexy; he balances her perfectly.

Find their romantic story here.

*photography and bios courtesy of this is life