tech savvy - FANCY it much?

Over the weekend, Kanye West, via Twitter, promoted one of his friends new style sharing sites, FANCY.  If you haven't scoped it out yet my darlings, I'm going to warn, it's pretty darn addicting.  It features all things design drool worthy--from art, gadgets, fashion, media, architecture and so on.  It's a lot like Pinterest in the sense that users can create their own "page" and showcase their personal style, but it has this cool, edgy, urban vibe.

Bad News: About a month ago, it was invite only and unfortunately it still is if you are using a browser to view it. 

Good News: For those of you with iPhones (like half the planet) you can dowload the app and sign up without an invite and FANCY away to your hearts content.

Here's just a quick sampling of what design lovers are fancy'ing today.  Cool, no?