Everybody's Talkin' at Me

Do you ever look around a room and notice that nobody is listening to a word the speaker is saying? They are only anxiously waiting to voice their opinion, their amazing nourriture pour la pensée, perhaps the next genius idea that will change the game?  If not, then keep your focus on the speaker and one ear on the audience. People want to be heard. Sometimes at the expense of others. Sometimes over the voice of reason. Sometimes over the expense of listening.

Tragic, no?

Listening is learning. Listening is carefully putting a puzzle of conversation together to seek its common thread.  If I am ever giving a talk, presentation or lecture, I love to pine for those people in the the room.  The ones whom may seem inattentive, aloof, or bored.  Yet throughout all the nonsense comments or irrational thoughts--I know they've pieced together a thought provoking conclusion only a listener could conjure up.  It's those people I'd quietly sit by and say, maybe even beg--to give me their honest opinion on the topic.

Talk less, listen more is a motto one of my most talented friends goes by. I adore it. I've adopted it. I thank her for it. It does by all means..speak volumes.

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As FS reader's know, I've covered Rebecca Butler before on the blog for her lovely, melancholy tunes she's written, produced and performed. A former Austin-nite, she now lives in the LA and is moving her talents to a new direction.  A curator of all things pretty.  If there is one thing this woman has besides a killer voice is a flare for vintage taste.  She's opened a new business that brings to light all of the wonderful items we swoon over when we see our friends wearing or decorating with. 

Queen For Dinner curates the cutest, highest quality, and downright coolest small-vendor products that are in the market but are hard to find.  For the busy bees out there, Miss Butler has you covered. Next time you need that one coveted item that will make your space or outfit come alive be sure to visit QFD.  Each week there are new items you will literally drool over.  I not only love her style, I'm lucky to call this multi-talented woman my friend.  

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*photo of Rebecca Butler by Celisse Berumen


What's up with 2015?

I haven't started blogging this year because I wasn't sure what direction to take Fourth Street in 2015. While I will still cover the same lifestyle topics that has built this blog, I am going to take a step in a new direction.  With time moving quickly as the years pass by, I also want to talk about keeping things real.  Whether it's in relationships, food that fuels the body or antidotes that fuel the mind, I'd like to discuss what keeps us human.  Faults and all.  We know too well that life isn't always about the pretty nor carefully curated styles.  Most of the the time it's downright messy, and every now and then I want the honest part of life to stream through FS.  So hello, 2015.  I'm glad you are here.  Let's get genuine.

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This past year brought a lot of unforeseen changes, and as the old adage goes, change can be difficult. However, it also brought a plethora of loves into my life I didn't see coming.  Friendships deepened by living on one of the oldest streets in Santa Fe.  Many of which we spent having fun filled nights turned into early morning talks, making any type of smore you could imagine, a lot of laughter, and experiencing a beautiful baby being born. 

In ways of friendships, it also brought a near and dear friend back into the forefront of my life who I missed deeply. Thank you Father Time for allowing us to begin just where we left off.  A friend from the time we met was my long lost sister for which I will never let distance part us again. There was a patient best friend to both of us that never gave up on the dream of us all being together again. I will forever look back on years past and be grateful for her will to let things unfold as they were meant to. Glad the malakas are back on track. 

Then there's the dreams.  The dream of new beginnings, of believing in your capabilities, knowing your self worth, and doing what you thought you could not do only to get to where you want to go.

If you look behind the scenes of your life and dig deep, I'm certain you will find meaningful moments that happened in the year two thousand and fourteen. For me, these are just a few of my favorites. 

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Do you shy away from the bread basket once it's placed on a dining table?  I admit, I do. I somehow convinced myself years ago that even though they look and smell divine,  they're just wasted calories and I should save room for the meal or heaven forbid, dessert! Even in moderation and always aiming to live a healthy lifestyle, I will not eat bread from the bread basket.  This month, I'm going against my own grain and intend to enjoy breads with butter or olive oil and balsamic to boot.  If you love bread, but also tend not to eat it as well, here is a delightful recipe you must try sent by the lovely blog, Sunday Suppers.  Doesn't is look delish?

| ingredients |
makes one loaf
one sourdough loaf
two cloves garlic, minced
one stick butter, room temperature
three tablespoons olive oil
five to seven sprigs thyme
two sprigs rosemary
| directions |
preheat the oven to 400°F
combine garlic, butter and olive oil
slice the bread almost all the way down in thick slices
 and brush each slice with the butter mixture
tuck sprigs of thyme and rosemary in between slices
wrap the bread in foil and bake for twenty minutes
serve warm

| enjoy | 
for dinner with loved ones on a chilly winters evening



December....8th! Where did you come from and why are you taking 2014 out like a lion? It hit me yesterday while decorating the tree. It seems like I just packed up the same ornaments such a short time ago. Not that a lot didn't transpire this past year, it literally just flew by.  With many ups and downs, I'll take with me all the good moments that I hold dear to my heart, but will also reflect on the lessons learned while I walked down paths that did not work out. Whatever you may takeaway from 2014, and these last few weeks of December, I hope it's love, peace and faith in mankind.

hand made wreath
how to make vanilla sugar
o' christmas tree
braid me for the holiday
free people romp around in free people's coast to coast
brooklyn bridge (just cause)

Have a lovely one.

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For the longest time I have wanted a old school rotary phone.  Not for decor, one that actually works. Sounds weird since I haven't had a land line since maybe the late 90s? Enter Austin and ATT U-Verse.  They roped me into a bundle deal that viola!, includes an actual land line.  Perfect timing for the exact phone I've had my eyes on.  Even if I rarely use it, it's a match made in heaven.

If you're looking to add a little retro vibe to your space, be sure to hop on over to Dot&Bo. They carry some pretty rad items I'm certain the mid-centuriest in you will love.

rotary executive table phone 
alia sunburst mirror
nomads blanket tune in radio 
modern mix tape

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