Yes, this is something we are. Choices are not made for us, only by us. The beauty in making our own choices is that they are indeed our own and no one else's. This is why I truly believe we cannot deduce other's choices because, simply put, we are not them.  We have not walked in their shoes. We do not live between their walls.  We do not fully know the circumstances that brought them to making small or large life decisions.  We can only support, love, pray and wish them well along their journey.  Just as you would want them to wish you the same on yours.  J.P. Sartre could not have stated it more simply nor beautifully.

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I swear I looked at the calendar today and could not believe it is already the 25th of July. While we are still in the midst of summer, in a blink of an eye, August will be behind us, and we'll be heading smack dab into the beginning of fall.  No more messing around, this is the only Summer '14 we will ever have.  Time to enjoy, time to feed the soul, time to nourish the body with gifts from Mother Nature.  It is time to relax.
Here are a few lovely links from some beautiful blogs that will help you do just that.

gain insight into holistic health, clean foods and professional 
perspectives from chefs and yogis.

moisturizing never felt so good.
find out why with sheer botanical beauty from the grown alchemist.

a stunning knitwear line crafted in nashville.
natural fibers, locally sourced, you'll want to wear a top or two until summers' end.

everything about this recipe screams a delicious summer 
all mixed in one large, lovely bowl.

have a beautiful one.

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Kate Arands of *Wit & Delight published this piece on July 22nd.  Having been a bit behind in perusing my favorite blogs, I just read it today.  You may have already plowed through it and bookmarked it, but I want to share it with FS readers as well because the message is good and it is strong.  To say that it is right on the money would not do it justice.

Thank you, Kate, for putting yourself out there and shining a light on a mental health illness society cannot ignore for one more second.

He said I was the happiest sad person he’d ever meet. He said, “I see you and I understand. I am here.”
I like to compare my life with anxiety to living with a huge grizzly bear. She’s a beast, really. Powerful, particular, irrational. Sensitive, territorial, destructive. When provoked, she fills the whole room with fear. She’s a bully. She’s all-encompassing. She is my oldest friend and my biggest foe.
Read the entire article, here.

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I'm a firm believer in simplicity, which in clothing means black, grey and white.  I deeply admire people who wear color, who can mix and match prints day in and day out. 
However, I have the hardest time doing so thus I've accepted this is what my comfort wardrobe entails until the end of time. 
When I discovered these beautifully curated outfits on pinterest via polyvore---I may just have to steal each look.  If you're in my black/grey/white like minded boat and would like similar pieces in your wardrobe, here are a few below.

comfy + chic

errands + lunch

day to night

dinner date

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Get the look, here.

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Ahhh, delicious ambiguity--how sweet it truly is.

have a wonderful monday.

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Oye.  What a week.  I had to remind myself it was Friday this morning.  Isn't that odd?  Usually, Friday is on the radar as early as 7AM on Monday.  This weekend is definitely calling for some R&R, which is interesting because we just came off a holiday weekend.  Anyone else feel the same way?  In any event, if your inside perusing the net, here are some great links to check out.  

yum..various takes on gazpacho.
i feel ya kitty cat.
ha! good question to ask yourself.
i honestly never knew south dakota was so pretty.


(and i'm not being partial because it's our friends who married,
and our talented friend who styled it!)

have a lovely one.

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