FOUND:  A new beautifully curated food blog, I will be sure to add to the daily reads. Created in the heart of Scandinavia, Soulfood's motto is "Stay Hungry, Stay Soulfoolish" and is written and styled by Emma & Hannah Lemholt. They are as honest as one could be about food.  They simply love it, and lucky for us, they love to take striking photos (Hannah) of their recipes and tell funny, yet poignant stories about them (Emma)

Being that we are slowly coming out of the winter blues, Soulfood's Bluesberry Smoothie is almost too perfect to share today.  Besides this delicious recipe, the one thing that I do want to hold onto is the beautiful blueberry lip color this smoothie creates.  It makes me want to print it out and hunt it down.  Plain gorgeous, no?


| ingredients | 
20 oz / 600 ml coconut milk
250 g frozen blueberries
one lime freshly squeezed
| directions |
place all ingredients
in a blender
blend to consistency
pour into two separate
mason jars
add cocosugar to taste

| enjoy |
in the morning as a treat for breakfast, or in the afternoon as a present after a long day

*images/recipe via Soulfood




Inspired by this article from Sarah Tolzmann and this one by Breanna Rose, I got to thinking.  Sure, creatives find inspiration in other creatives, but why would you want to be anything other than yourself and express your visions to the world the way that YOU see it?  It is pretty much a guarantee that no two people see things the exact same way.  An apple may be an apple but it may derive different memories or emotions from two different people.  So two things.  One, be who you are.  Be your odd, wonderful, crazy, unusual, beautiful, dark, smart, funny self.  Two, never want or try to be someone else. You were placed on this planet for a reason, and that reason is to be you.  Embrace being you with all your gifts, flaws, idiosyncrasies, vulnerabilities, love, light and give it to the world.  Really put it out there. 

A wonderful, honest newsletter popped into my inbox this past Friday.  If you don't follow Danielle Brennan, I suggest you should.  With all her wonderful insights of love, living and finding your own path, she is also very honest.  She doesn't pretend that life is easy all the time, and I love that about her.    Honored to call her one of my dearest, most inspirational friends, find her newsletter here, and if you want to add another enlightening blog to your daily reads, this is the one.

Have a wonderful week.

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If you've been checking in on Fourth Street from time to time, you may have read that I'm always a little late to the party.  It happened again. I heard about oil pulling sometime back, but I was skeptical to try it.  Confession. I am always skeptical with products or processes whether they are natural or not because there are so many out there, how do you know what really works? I've learned you trust and you try. Since this little health routine started getting press again, I thought I'd give it a try, and I'm so glad I did.
I know it's another step to add to the morning beauty or evening skin care routine, but it really is worth it.  I've been doing it for about two weeks now and have already noticed results.  For those of you that don't know, oil pulling is an ancient art of detoxification that began in India because of it's health benefits. It is known as Kavala or Gandusha and is capable of improving oral (plaque, halitosis, gingivitis, and healthy gums) and systematic health (headaches, diabetes, mellitus, asthma,  acne and teeth whitening). Aside from having a healthy mouth, the systematic health benefits are such a bonus. 

The part I like the best is that it's so easy, and literally quite pleasing.  All you have to do is pick up a jar of organic coconut oil from your local health food store (I bought mine at Whole Foods), scoop a tablespoon into your mouth (it will dissolve immediately) and start swishing it around for fifteen to twenty minutes.  One, the taste is yummy and almost feels like you are having a guilt free dessert, and two, you can do it while you are putting on your make-up, curling your hair, or at night when you are running through your skin care routine.  

I love it, and if you try or have tried it, please let me know. 

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If you haven't heard, V23 Creative Magazine is a quarterly online publication featuring young adult artists in various areas of creative production (i.e., what make them tick). They focus specifically on art and design, photography, music, and creative writing.  It's a platform for creatives to share their work and promote interaction in the arts community.
In the current issue, launched in late March, the uber talented Breanna Rose was featured for Art + Design.  Breanna has a lot of clients and is a gem to work with.  I was humbled to see that as a part of her portfolio, she chose to highlight Fourth Street's business cards.  It was quite the most wonderful surprise.
You can check out V23's current and past issues here as well as read about Breanna Rose's creative process here.  She gives incredibility honest advice on starting your own business, building up your clientele and how to achieve work/life balance.
In addition, be sure to bookmark this wonderful online creative magazine.  The talented team behind the online publication definitely hit the nail on the head.

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No more black, no more grey, no more dark palettes.  Welcome beautifully inspired spring colors and flowers.  Welcome bare shoulders and vibrant pencil skirts.  Welcome summer whites. Prints, patterns, I will take anything light and airy right about now. Seriously. Like, right now. *image credit coming soon.



April seems more to me like a fresh start than January does.  It's time to get outside and wander. Bring out the fresh linens and clean decor.  Wear light layers and messy hair.  It's an easy month filled with whatever you want to make it. Gardening, spending time outdoors with loved ones, drinking wine on the patio under a string of lights.  The options are endless.  I am so thankful it has finally arrived.

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